Help us reinstate Limerick city bathing!

Limerick Council have requested that the public assist them with identifying official bathing areas in Limerick city and county. There are currently no designated bathing areas in Limerick city. A designated bathing area would legally mandate Limerick Council to comply with the following:

  • The water is monitored to ensure it meets stringent microbiological water quality standards. (Currently Limerick Council does not monitor the water quality in the city Shannon as it is not a designated bathing area)
  • Safety measures (including possibility of lifeguards during Summer Season)
  • Detailed description of the identified bathing area
  • Bathing Area profile including an assessment on the risk of pollution and what action would be taken if pollution occurs

This is the first step to the return of baths in our city! Please respond to the Limerick Council with the following information:

  1. Comment on a bathing area that you currently swim in
  2. How many people use this bathing area
  3. What facilities exist at this site and how accessibility it is
  4. Any safety issues

Email this information to the Water Safety Development Officer, Limerick City & County Council, Dooradoyle, Limerick or by email to the deadline is Friday 22nd June

Here is a template that we did earlier:

I am writing in response to your invitation of public participation for identification of Limerick bathing waters. I currently swim in Limerick city centre with Swimablelimerick. As there is currently no designated swimming area in the city we swim from private boat clubs, such as The Curraghour Boat Club on Merchants Quay, or the public slipway beside St Michaels Rowing Club. Without any public access points it makes swimming very inaccessible in the city and there are currently no facilities for swimmers. Even though so many people enjoy swimming in Limerick, the current lack of facilities, saftey standards and recognition of bathing, makes a free, enjoyable and healthy activity in our community, inaccessible to many. I would fully support a designated bathing area in the city and I strongly urge the Council to ensure the safety of the hundreds of swimmers that swim in the city regularly.



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