August City Swims- update

We are organising weekly city swims throughout August for Limerick people to dip their toe (and a whole lot more!) into our beautiful River Shannon.

Our aim is to provide a safe and fun environment for anyone to enjoy the freedom of curraghowerswimming in the city. The lovely folks at the Curraghgour Boat Club are kindly letting us use their facilities as we will start the swim from their slipway.  Our aim will be to swim from the Boat Club to Thomond Bridge at a nice, relaxed pace. As our River Shannon is tidal, dates and times have been arranged to make it the most pleasant for swimming. Please try and arrive at least 5 minutes before these times:

Saturday 12th Augsut 9.30am

Sunday 20th August 5.45pm (Weather conditions as of 12pm today indicate localised flooding. This is not safe for swimming so there will be no swim in The Shannon today) 

Monday 21st August 6.30pm

Saturday 26th August 9.30am

What you need to bring with you:

  • A brightly coloured swimming cap so you are visible in the water
  • Swimming suit/ togs or wetsuit and googles
  • Towel
  • You! With a sense of fun, curiosity and willingness to try new experiences

There are showering facilities available afterwards in the Boat Club (Rumor has it that a female showering may just be a first for The Curraghgour Boat Club!) We also will have hot tea/coffee and scones from The Old Fire Station for after our dip.

Children are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. This is not suitable for beginner swimmers and we recommend that you are a competent pool swimmer before embarking on the open water. All swimmers will be asked to sign in and out for their own safety.

King Johns castle

Top ten reasons why you should take the plunge:

  1. Swimming through the city is an experience that everyone should try at least once whether you are native to this city or visiting us from further ashore. Don’t believe me, then read about my own experience here
  2. Open water swimming is a free, healthy activity that gets your whole body moving
  3. The water will be cool and cold but the zing on your skin will make you feel alive. It will give you a buzz that will see you through all the way until Monday
  4. In the heart of the city you will feel at one with nature as your fingers trail over the rocks of the Curragower falls, swans paddle by and fresh water bubbles over you

    Picture courtesy of Limerick Masters Swimming Club
  5. It’s an opportunity to see historic monuments such as King Johns Castle, The Treaty Stone and Thomond Bridge from a truly unique perspective.
  6. Open water swimming embraces all body shapes and sizes. Superficial aesthetics mean nothing here. Your body confidence will swell as your body feels strong, athletic and amazing in the water
  7. It’s a great opportunity to meet people and make new friends
  8. The fascinating members of The Curraghgour Boat club are teeming with knowledge on the River Shannon and our cityscape. Did you know the boat club was previously a morgue? It was ordered to close as the sound of the horses bearing bodies at night were waking the neighbours!
  9. There will be hot scones from The Old Fire Station
  10. Did I say there would be hot scones from The Old Fire Station?….nuff said!


7 thoughts on “August City Swims- update

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  4. charul singh August 25, 2017 / 11:29 am

    Good Morning,

    My name is Charul, Remember I waived at your group when I saw group swimming the other day. I was so excited to join the group but unfortunately it was already so late for me to be there. I am so excited to take part in swimming tomorrow and I am so eagerly looking forward to it but i dont have any contact for your group at the moment, Did a google search and cudnt find any. Just wanted to inquire that if it will be fine to walk in tomorrow at 9AM. Many Thanks. Charul

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    • limerickunderground August 25, 2017 / 10:35 am

      Yes we remember you! You can give me a buzz/text on 0879120231 if you want and ill get back to you with details for tomorrow. Will be great to have you join us


  5. Eimear August 12, 2017 / 4:40 pm

    Great idea – would love to participate but will be away but would love to do it next year. Well done for taking the initiative to organise it & to the old fire station for supplying the scones. Best of luck with it !


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