25656755705_7dafeb980d_kThese statistics (NTA letter on coca cola bike scheme) sent to Limerick Underground today will be of interest to any cycling advocates and enthusiasts in the city! This picture shows the usage of each station in the Limerick bike scheme from November 2014 to February 2016.  The last updated figures were published in September 2015, with an additional 12,146 journeys taken since then. It  looks like Mary I is still the most popular station in the city.


LU also tried to find out the total contribution so far by Coca-Cola to the scheme. This is considering Coca-Cola covers only €300,000 of the estimated €1.92m annual cost of the Dublin Bike scheme.   Unfortunately,we were met with a fairly standard response that ‘Coca-Cola Ireland is contributing €3 million over 5 years for the regional schemes in Limerick, Cork and Galway’. We’ll keep digging for actual numbers though.

In the meantime, any budding statisticians out there with time on their hands,  feel free to let us know your thoughts on these figures and what it may mean for future cycling in the city.